Setting Up HTTPS With Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a great resource for system administrators. It is a certificate authority that issues SSL certificates for free and even provides a command line tool named Certbot that makes obtaining and renewing certificates simple.

Please note that I already have Certbot installed and host several sites using certificates generated and downloaded using it, so I will not be going over the installation process for that.

First, I set up a default site on my domain, I did this so I could use it to verify that I administrate the site using Certbot.

Then, I ran Certbot to pull certificate and key files from Let’s Encrypt.

Then, I copied the files to the directory I store SSL files in (certificates, keyfiles) and enabled SSL on the website. Now, the site redirects to HTTPS and returns no errors in Chrome.

I also added the same command along with the copy command to the script I have set to run every other month (using CRON) to renew my SSL certificates.

Please note that the black gaps between certain parts of the commands are the names of sites that have been blocked to hide the name of the sites.